• October 8, 2020
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Flexible And Partial Dentures Break The Ice & Know It Better

A denture is a removable replacement for a missing tooth or a set of teeth. Flexible dentures are the quickest solution to any sort of dental unavailability. People who do not want to use regular dentures opt for flexible dentures.

They can be put on as and when required and do not require adhesive or metal clasp to hold the denture in place. Partial dentures usually act as the bridge, or precisely a replacement tooth attached to the gum using a plastic base. More often than not, a partial denture uses a metal framework to keep the denture in place.

Flexible And Partial Dentures – Common Questions

Having a denture implant in your mouth does not mean extracting a tooth. Although a denture is a replacement but placing a denture is not painful. The duration of replacement is usually two visits for two weeks.

For removable partial dentures, doctors do not ground the teeth down. However, if tooth decay or a massive cavity spreading, some treatments employ grounding the teeth or even removing, but not all.

Flexible partial dentures do not affect speech or eating, especially if a single tooth replacement has been done. If there are multiple replacements it may seem uncomfortable in the beginning. There is no slurring of speech or problem in eating.

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Usually, the flexible partial dentures nacogdoches professionals provide are made of acrylic or plastic. If there are metal hooks along with the partial denture, it is to keep the denture firmly in place these days there are more aesthetically pleasing partial dentures available. They consist of thermoplastic with pink gums and clear in color. These flexible dentures are the newer version that does not employ any metalwork and also can be removed with ease.