• September 21, 2020
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Managing A Golf Club Is Never A Walk In The Park

And don’t you know it. As a member of a golf club’s standing committee, perhaps even the proverbial chairman of the board, this you would know pretty well by now. And it can be pretty challenging if your club is officially ranked as amateur. Not to cast aspersions on your efforts but your ability to run your club could be classified as amateur at best. And that even while you and your club board members are utilizing your professional experience to get through the day to day affairs of the club.

The problem with this amateur effort is that you and your colleagues are never fully able to devote all of your time to the daily running of the club. It should have been quite clear to you at this point in time that successful golf club management does require (fully) professional interventions. Of course, many of you reading this right now were perhaps already quite aware of this imperative. What kept you back from dialling in for professional assistance? Well, the common conundrum has always been the lack of financial resources, has it not?

Fair enough then. This is perfectly understandable. But surely to goodness, as a professional yourself, you should have realized that there just may be a good return on your investment. Of course, you knew already that professional consultancy fees are generally sky high. So perhaps you discarded the notion. Perhaps you did already raise the matter at a last board meeting. But it was unanimously dismissed. So as a person who values democratic principles, you accepted the nays. But really now.

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