• September 21, 2020
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What Mosquitoes Do To Your Yard

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If this is your residential backyard these mosquitoes could end up doing a lot of damage. Not just to your yard but to your entire household. And if this is your commercial yard, similar mosquito treatment chesterfield criteria should apply. Because this damage extends to the rest of your commercial premises as well. Both home and business, it affects the lives of your people. Your family members.

Your workers. And your customers too. There is just no telling what a single mosquito bite could do to just that one customer who walks through your doors. Or the young child in your midst. The adult may well be safe because, thankfully, most hospitals, both public and private, have a vaccine. But you should also know this by now. There is one vaccine that currently no one has, in spite of what you may have read or seen in the news.

Those that claim to have found an antidote have, as yet, at the time of writing up this note for you, not proven that it works. And who is to say that, while it has not yet happened, it cannot happen again. People, the pandemic is not yet over. Who knows how long it will last? And this is history, people. You are surviving in a historic period of civilization in which the global population has reached astounding numbers.

And so it goes that in history, it has happened. Mosquitoes have carried the virus. And today still, these formidable creatures can still reach all corners of the globe, including your home county. It does not matter how they do it. They can fly across oceans. Or they can piggyback on ocean craft just as they did all those years ago.